All of our solutions are driven by your customers & users’ needs as well as your organisational vision, goals, and opportunities. We consider your business needs, your consumers’ perspective, and the global market trends in order to create innovative solutions that create a measurable difference to your business.

There are numerous approaches that we take when conducting and forming your digital strategies, but at its core we follow these four steps:

1) Identify the opportunities and challenges in a business where online can provide a solution. 2) Identify the unmet customer & user’s needs and goals and align these with your business objectives. 3) Develop a vision around how online assets fulfil your goals and needs. 4) Prioritise the vision to deliver in small measurable phases.

Within each of these stages, there are a number of techniques that we employ, as outlined below.

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To ensure a competitive edge, our digital business analysts want to know everything about your competitors and how they operate online, what they do well, how they communicate, what digital marketing actions they prefer and how you can achieve better results than them in the same space.

We perform an evaluation of competitor brands, messaging, and marketing campaigns with the goal of understanding the competitive landscape. This includes brands within your category, as well as those that are related, tangential and/or simply interesting. This exercise helps us understand your customers & users, and enables us to gauge their expectations.

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Web based applications


Your customers & users define and shape your digital solutions. We find out as much as we can about them, using a variety of techniques, from listening labs, one on one interviews, marketing research, questionnaires, desk based research to ethnographic research and user feedback analysis.

All of this information helps us create a clear picture of who your customers & users are, how they behave and what they need from you in order for you to be successful.

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It is crucial that we understand the intersection between business, technology and customer & user experience so that our teams are able to make informed decisions regarding your design requirements as well as solution recommendations.

Our Business Analysts will determine customer & user goals, business goals, business flowcharts, quantitative data analysis, research reports, and system diagrams, and will assist you every step of the way to develop a comprehensive digital strategy.

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Web based applications


Helping you to shape and create your digital product is a big part of what we do. The Business Requirement Document is an output of Business Requirement Elicitation and/or Analysis. This document defines the high level business, customer & user, legal, and market needs of the application without making reference to individual features or solutions. We will provide a list of all the requirements that need to be satisfied.

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Our qualitative research is about exploring and gathering crucial online insights and learnings. It helps us to understand motivations, underlying reasons and opinions, while it helps you to take your brand to the next level by knowing what needs to be changed or underscored.

Web based applications


At Traffic we ask your customers & users questions in a structured way through surveys, questionnaires and other tools that deliver statistic insights. Getting their point of view on how your product or market can be improved helps define your digital strategy.


Traffic develops summary personas and user scenarios, which define the target audience and what they want to accomplish when they engage with your brand online. These personas enable us to understand customer & user goals, beliefs, and their resulting behaviours.



We work alongside your team in conducting interviews with the main stakeholders of the project to learn about the strategic goals and challenges of the organisation. The information collected during the interviews is crucial for understanding the intersection between business, technology, customer, and user experience so that we are able to make informed decisions regarding strategic and design requirements.

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Traffic – a post digital agency!

Traffic is an integrated post digital agency, offering front-line expertise and quantitative returns for clients in building brand reputation, increasing online visibility and audience engagement.

Based in Dubai, UAE with offices in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, Traffic is a team of over 90+ digital innovators, line crossers, rain makers who display and implement an impressive range of skills in website design and development, digital marketing and enterprise solutions.

Trusted by leading brands as the ‘go to’ company for high-end web designs, development and strategic digital marketing campaigns, we take pride in delivering the highest standards of digital solutions in the MENA region.

Traffic’s Mantra - Born Digital, Staying Digital

This unique mantra stirs passion to initiate, innovate and implement new digital strategies. We creatively signpost customer’s journey to transform engagement into conversion. Whether our clients are looking to drive converting traffic, develop viral social contact, or are simply interested in getting in touch with the wider audience, we help them reach new levels of success.

To help our clients stay digital, we not only explore their profile and customer journey, but also analyse their competitors and marketplace to position them at the top. All in all, our staying digital approach enables us to embrace latest design trends, development and digital campaigns. Starting from the crucial concept of listening to and understanding clients' vision and aims, we offer delightful services and create memorable experiences with the help of mindful research, critical analysis and detailed information architecture.


Knowing that a positive first impression is essential to relationships, we offer that comfort zone to our clients where they build trust and integrity, and find enough room to reflect and reinforce their first impression.

Keeping clients first gives us a sense of fulfillment and energy to drive results. Our simple 'take on' and 'can do' strategy brings clients closer to us and helps in creating a bond. With our high quality services, customer support and client handling, we not only deliver, we keep our clients informed about the choices we have and decisions we take while designing, developing and deploying any digital activity.


Traffic is home to innovators and digital geeks. With a hand-picked team of professionals, Traffic instills ethical company culture to initiate, engineer, innovate and work out digital solutions that are deemed impossible. Traffic’s vibrant yet personalised work space let’s people work individually and in groups, while having a perfect environment to learn, unlearn and relearn new ideas.

Traffic’s select team plays an important role in building lasting relationships with end users and, thus, in supporting the brand’s promise. Our team of creative directors, copywriters, digital experts and website developers in UAE creates a perfect combination to take on challenging projects falling into areas like web designs, content management systems, e-marketing solutions, web apps, android and iPhone apps, bespoke software development, hosting, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, pay per click marketing, affiliate marketing, video advertisements, digital marketing consultancy and branding solutions to help clients stay on the winning side.


Traffic boasts a huge fan base of over 200 high performing clientele including Unilever, Emaar, PwC, TDIC, Etihad, Sharjah Tourism, The Dubai Mall, Sipchem and so on. Traffic takes great pride in experiencing high incoming traffic from across the globe. Our reputed clients advocate and embrace Traffic as one of the most rewarding digital agency in the United Arab Emirates.

If you are looking forward to give a digital boost to your business, we’d love to start a conversation about how that can happen. Call us on +971 (0)4 454 2230 to see how we can help you get more from your business website and digital marketing campaigns.


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