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Are people interested in your brand? Are they talking about your business? Well, they should be. With so many networks available, there is simply no excuse for not using social media to make a splash in Dubai, a city high on social media fervor. Our social media gurus will help you engage your audience, and improve your brand’s market position.

What is Social Media Marketing?

With the advent of technology, everyone from any part of the world congregate online through the various platforms in the social media space at any time of day to share ideas, promote, debate and discuss.

The growing trend of convergence of communities online has opened an opportunity for companies to create awareness of their brands through social media marketing and many have taken a strategic leap to ensure that their presence is optimized in the social media realm through social media optimization.

Social media marketing & optimization is the process of ensuring that companies’ online presence or sales channels are social media compatible for content to be easily disseminated onto the different social media platforms, tools and services to create your company’s brand awareness and publicity.

Understand your brand

We’ll start by taking the time to learn about your business or brand. The more we learn, the better our chances to tweet, like, share, and pin your business/brand to social stardom. How will we do that? Through interesting news and fun content, of course, which we guarantee will spread like wildfire and give your brand the exposure it deserves.

Expertise in social media

Whether it’s part of a wider SEO campaign or a standalone service, we have the resources to make your social marketing material relevant and clickable. As a leading social media agency of UAE, we have the talent and the team to help you win friends and followers online, under almost any circumstances.

Engagement all the way

Social media is all about engagement, i.e. interacting with your audience and encouraging them to talk. Traffic’s social media team understands the unspoken rules of every social platform, be it Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter or Youtube, and helps you build a powerful presence on every one of them.

Forums, fans & fun

We offer a comprehensive array of solutions associated with web forums. Though not as new as some of the recent social media platforms, forums nonetheless remain an important element of social media marketing. Easy to set up & manage, forums offer you an infinite variety of engagement opportunities. When it comes to social media marketing in Dubai, a flourishing forum is a great resource for repeat visitors, and links.

Below is a holistic picture of social media marketing and the endless possibilities it offers for promotion of a business through the Internet

Social Media Management

A few interesting facts about social media marketing and how it works wonders for promoting your online business

Global outreach

Both industrial and social media enable you to get your message out into the world. The question is which one does it in a more effective, faster, and less expensive way?

Choosing traditional media for disseminating your message to the world can cost you a fortune. Ads in industrial media in a visible space and at an opportune time are very hard to come by and are extremely expensive. Conversely using Social Media for the promulgation of your message is click-easy, instant, and almost free. Once published on a widely-used social network, your message is visible to the entire online community, unfettered by logistical and financial constraints.

Interesting forms

What's completely impossible on traditional media is no big deal on the social media. In mass media, motion ads are restricted to TV as audio ads are to radio, while print cannot display the message in any other form than plain text and images.

In Social Media, your message can take many interesting forms and can be used on a variety of platforms. A promotional video for instance is not restricted to YouTube and other video sharing sites, but also can be added to a blog, a website, or your Facebook account in just a couple of clicks. Social media also allow you to try out innovative methods for making your message more appealing and effective. Share videos, pictures, and music, write blogs, discuss in forums, or participate in social networking sites. More variety and exposure means more effective and wider diffusion of your message.

100% targeted

Traditional media diffuse the message on a mass scale so the chances of reaching the wrong audience are very high. On the other hand, a message sent via social media is 100% targeted and hits the right audience at the right time. Take a TV or print ad for instance, the message it sends is received by every man and his dog even though a large part of the audience doesn't relate to it. In contrast, the messages in social media are dispersed only in relevant circles containing the potential target audience. In the mass media repeated carpet-bombing of a message can make it lose its effect on its target followers, while irritating those who have no interest in that product or service. Not true of SMM, where most of the time people see only what they want to see.

Very, very instant

Production of communications by traditional media can also be a lengthy process and the advert may require days, weeks and even months to take its final form and be published or broadcast. But messages through social media are produced quickly and spread instantaneously, virtually without delay. Just a few clicks and your message is right there in front of your target audience, assuring an equally fast and overwhelming response.

Videos, pictures, audio, words, and more.

Social Media are increasingly becoming a favourite marketing option for the world´s businesses. Today, in the midst of a financial downturn where every single marketing dollar is precious, businesses are discovering the untapped potential of marketing via web, especially social media. The world wide web is teeming with social media such as communication, collaboration, multimedia and entertainment platforms offering the greatest advertising opportunity of our time.

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