Ali Nisar is the Director eMarketing at Traffic Digital. After working up the ladder at digital agencies in the UK and across the Middle East, he’s a wearer of many hats! For 15+ years, Ali has mapped successful digital marketing strategies for a variety of industries such as Defense, Real Estate, Education, Fashion, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Hospitality and Aviation in addition to public sector governmental bodies in the UAE, GCC, UK, and China.

Ali Nisar’s undeniable drive for winning clients and taking businesses to new heights through his experience and extensive knowledge is something he’s passionate about. His expertise in technological environments, has allowed him to excel in developing new business opportunities and relationships through generating qualified leads through both traditional and online methods for the following solutions; Digital Consultancy, Corporate Web Builds, E-commerce Solutions, Email Marketing Campaigns, Social Media Optimisation, along with Value added services including SEO / SEM / Retargeting.

He’s brilliant at supporting and keeping work together, and never fails to keep the team committed to work!

Words he lives by...

There’s never a second chance to make a first impression.



Call: +971 (0)4 454 2230