The Emerging Role of the Marketing Technologist

There is no doubt that the emphasis on using technology to reach customers whether it be through websites, mobile apps, social media and other interactive means, brings businesses of all sizes exciting opportunities for visibility and growth. But I’ve noticed a clear gap in the market and a bridge that needs to be built when it comes to melding technology and marketing and here is how a digital agency such as Traffic can help.

I’ve observed a common theme when online marketing and brand initiatives are introduced – they are often owned by the client’s IT department, rather than its non-tech-savvy marketing department. Often those IT projects are out of alignment with marketing priorities. In my opinion, to right this situation, such projects need to come squarely under the control of marketing. As a consequence, my role as a marketing technologist and consulting these clients is becoming paramount for companies looking to put their marketing efforts at the leading edge.

Marketing has become deeply entwined with technology. This didn’t happen overnight, it’s been sneaking up on us for a while. But because technology had been so tangential to marketing management for most of our history, the organisational structure of marketing has been slow to adjust to this new technology-centric reality, especially in the MENA region. We’ve clearly reached a tipping point.

So why use an agencies Marketing Technological consultancy? Talking to a business-savvy strategic player who, in addition to being an information technology aficionado, is involved with planning, product development, sales and all things marketing, will assure that your technology is being used in the most effective manner and that it will offer a competitive marketing advantage. To fully reap the benefits of this Golden Age, marketing must officially take ownership of its technology platforms and strategies. And the first step of such ownership is to appoint someone with the right knowledge and experience to help you lead it.

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