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Just recently, Gary Illyes, one of Google’s webmaster trend analysts announced at the SMX East conference that people should consider keeping the Google Authorship on their published content. This would be just fine if a while ago Google hadn’t told people it was okay to remove it. As a digital manager, SEO expert or business owner, it can be quite tedious to try and keep up with the constantly changing rules. But, nevertheless, it is worth it.

The message Google sends is clear: their game, their rules. And, truth be told, since the digital world is a fast-paced environment, change is inevitable. The reason Google changes its algorithms is the desire to offer users a high-quality experience in the digital world that is constantly on the move. In other words, they change and adjust algorithms to stay proactive and to have a progressive strategy. But does your company have one?

New Digital Horizons

By the end of this year, a brand new update of the Penguin algorithm is announced. According to Google, it will work in real time, meaning that if you use black hat SEO link building tactics for your website, you will be discovered immediately. On the bright side, penalty recovery will happen more rapidly, without having to wait days, weeks or even months.

The Panda algorithm for content quality will remain the same, at least for a couple of months, while Google My Business has already been visually updated, as you may have noticed.

Under these circumstances, it is imperative to have a progressive strategy. Understand that you have to play by the rules if you want to win. There is no cheating or lying back with Google.

What does it mean to have a progressive SEO strategy?

Firstly, it means to cover all the basics and to have the flexibility to prepare for the unknown. High-quality inbound and outbound links, responsive and fast loading website, engaging content, social media committed – these are the most important SEO tactics when it comes to your site. These also represent the foundation of your SEO strategy.

Keep in mind that black hat SEO will only harm your site. Millions of websites were affected by the Penguin algorithm, but those who were employing only white hat SEO tactics had a lot to gain. While Google continues to change and update its algorithms, one thing is certain: those will only get harsher to black hat SEO. Expect Google to become better and better at identifying and penalizing low-quality links, irrelevant content, cloaking tactics, mirror sites, blog spams, etc. So the headstone of having a progressive strategy is employing only white hat SEO tactics. This way, you will not have to worry about Google updating their Penguin and Panda algorithms.

Also, taking care of every aspect of SEO and reading news related to the digital environment helps a lot. Information is power and, in your case, it is also traffic. Stay informed and prepared to adjust to change. Have a backup plan and know exactly how you are going to proceed in case of a major change that could affect your website.

In the end, we leave you with Reinhold Niebuhr’s words to reflect upon: accept the things you cannot change, have the courage to change the ones you can and aim for the wisdom to know the difference between those two.

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