How To Turn A Website Into A Business Asset

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There are few businesses that don’t have a website today. But successful businesses understand that their website isn’t just a mere showcase for who they are and what they do. Designed and utilised correctly, a website is a useful asset to a business. Not only is it an extension of a business’s brand, but it is a key platform for engaging with customers and generating leads or revenue.

Of course, creating such a website can be a challenge, it requires careful thought, planning and ultimately a design that is intelligent, visually-pleasing and user-friendly. However, we’ve put together few tips that will help businesses to create websites that are effortlessly user-friendly and beneficial to the bottom line:

Identify the aim(s): This is the first step in planning a website design or redesign, map out what exactly it is the website needs to achieve – leads, sales, data gathering, customer information platform… This provides the design team with an axis to build the design around, and minimises the risk of ending up with a pretty, but useless website.

Remember less is more: Minimalist designs have gained popularity in recent years for a multitude of reasons. Users dislike clutter and volumes of pointless place-holding content. They’re seeking visually-engaging, easy to navigate websites that are fast-loading and functional. The upshot for businesses is a greater level of user engagement, particularly when the call to action is clearly and instantly identifiable to users.

Purposeful content: This ties into the above point. Everything in the web design, ranging from images to content and navigation, must serve a purpose. If it’s a website redesign, do a content audit and focus on mapping key customer journeys to identify exactly what content is required to create a positive outcome to those journeys.

Keep content up-to-date: While this isn’t technically part of the design, it’s still an important point to bear in mind when planning for a new website or redesign. Choosing a content management platform that enables content to be easily added or updated is a definite plus. Users are easily frustrated, and discovering that something as basic as the contact details are no longer valid could easily discourage them from ever visiting the site again.

Make it mobile: A mobile-optimised website is essential for maximum customer reach. Today’s consumers are increasingly using their smartphones to carry out all manner of activities and they expect the same user-friendly, fast-loading website whichever device they are using to visit a website.

A few additional design pointers:

Website design, like most other forms of design, is subject to trends. And while no business wants to have a website that appears outdated, when it comes to trends, use only those that add value or functionality.

Scrolling websites: Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have harnessed the true power of the long-scrolling design. Their content-heavy, yet take it or scroll-over-it approach adeptly engaging users. For a business this can have its pros and cons. With a business website all content is (or should be) relevant, there’s no scroll-over-it option here. The long scroll style works well for websites with a high mobile user audience or with heavy and frequently updated content.


Typography: As content and design follows a less is more approach in order to deliver succinctness and relevance to users, typography has been given a remit to go bigger and bolder. Fewer words means more space for playing and experimenting with fonts and sizes to create more visually engaging websites.

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Colour palettes: Bright, bold colours have been trending of late in web designs, but that’s not a green light for each and every business to go ahead and implement this across their website. Any colours used on a website should be reflective of the brand and its persona. If subtle and understated is part of the brand ethos, logo, etc, then a website abounding with brash, vibrant colours will not live up to customer expectations.


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