What does Valentine’s Day mean for your business?

February 14th, aka St Valentine’s Day, may draw groans from you, but put personal feelings aside and think about its potential for your business. How can you get maximum return from this love-inspired day?

Traffic’s advice – focus on the conversations that your target audience engage with most.

As a starting point, analyse the types of discussions/conversations that your audience demographic commonly engages with. These can be used to help decide on the direction and style of campaign that you design. Understanding how and what your audience wants to hear or see, is essential if you want to engage with them.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some key findings from Facebook and Instagram following last year’s Valentine’s Day. Why not pause here and think of how you can use these findings to reach your target markets;

  • Each gender discussed romance, loved ones and date night at a similar rate.

  • Women are more likely to engage with discussions about gifts and food & drink than their male counterparts.

  • Young male millennials are more likely to be anti-Valentines.

  • Young millennials in general (that is ages 18-24) are most engaged with the anti-Valentines topic.

  • The second-most prominent conversation type for men to engage with was that of proposals and relationship status.

The role of social media in relation to holidays and seasonal events is often one of increased activity. People take to networks to communicate their best wishes to their loved ones and share their own experiences. Through clever campaigns, this increased activity can be utilised to expand your brand reach. We believe the best social media strategies are a collision of the digital and the real world. Companies that succeed in seasonal social media marketing campaigns are those that utilise to occasion to connect with their audience in an authentic and genuine way, and we have helped many brands to do exactly this.

It’s imperative to pay special attention to seasonal content to align campaigns with consumers’ changing environments and demands. The benefits of creating seasonal content include connecting with your audience as they make their way through the consumer decision journey.

Furthermore, designing and executing a seasonal campaign shows you care. The return on investment for caring is immeasurable for your business and brand. – Arpi, Social Media Manager for Traffic Digital

Our team of sociable social media experts has phenomenal strategic and analytical experience. This comes as a result of working directly and regularly with all of the leading social media channels including Facebook, Google and Linkedin. Our creative campaigns are powerful and cutting-edge. When we get the banter-boundaries right for our customers, it’s rewarding for everyone. It’s also when we start creating conversations that develop into long-term relationships. For more information on how we can help you with your social media strategies contact us:

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