Professional copywriters in Dubai

If you need fast and affordable copywriting services, call on Traffic Digital. Whether you're in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates or anywhere in the Middle East; whether you're looking for blog content, press releases, social media posts, website copy, articles, technical writing or something else entirely—we have the team that can make it happen. Traffic Digital’s professional writing team will make sure you receive first-class copy that demands attention.

We've worked closely with an impressive range of companies: large corporations, young startups, established law firms, as well as nonprofits, manufacturing firms, NGOs, political organizations, advertising agencies, and consultants.

If you're looking to subcontract, we're also able to provide our copywriting services to PR firms, marketing agencies, web developers, publishers, and others, to be resold under another organization's name.

Our copywriters and editors have years of public relations, marketing and newsroom experience and have nailed their process down to be quick and efficient. Whether you seek writing and editing or distribution and consulting, Traffic Digital can provide first-class content at an affordable price.

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Our copywriting and content writing services

Not only can we deliver your content in English, we can also translate it. We can translate your work into any of 127 languages, including Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, or Hindi.

  • Original content made by professional copywriters based in the U.S.
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee in our work
  • All content developed is yours, you maintain all the rights to it
  • Turnaround in 24 hours or less
  • Free revisions included
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Website copywriting

Killer content is the key to engaging your audience, conveying your authority, and persuading the reader to take action. Quality web copy is our specialty.

Well-planned and well-written copy is essential on a website, because websites provide a non-linear experience. Very different from printed materials, where readers usually starts from the first page, visitors to your website may arrive there on completely different pages. Website copy written by professionals will ensure that your company is seen in the best light. More importantly, persuasive copy will encourage readers to get in touch with you.

The most important place to keep users engaged is at the point of entry to the site: the landing page. To get users to keep browsing the site, your landing pages must have a clear and effective header and explain why your products and services are better than that of your competition. Finally, you have to provide a persuasive call-to-action! The copy on your landing page copy can influence whether you get a new customer or a lost sale.

Although website copy may sound simple, it can be really difficult for someone who isn't a professional writer, taking many hours and editing rounds to get it right. Web copywriting for search engine optimization is drastically different from copy meant for print.

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SEO copywriting services

Going beyond our website writing experts, our team includes also marketing copywriters—we even work with a former editor at a newspaper. We're able to help you with a wide variety of copy, from articles and brochures, to PR releases and advertising.

We make it a priority to ensure that all copy intended for the web is written with search engine optimization (SEO) results in mind. Our digital marketing experts have created SEO-friendly content for a great number of businesses and we're ready to write for your company, bringing in new visitors to your website and keeping them engaged.

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The ultimate goal in copywriting

Clients have relied on us for their copy needs since 2009. Since then we've helped clients convert their potential customers into paying customers.

Our agency offers a one-on-one, personalized approach. Throughout every project and through every step of the writing process—every word, sentence and page that we deliver is tailored precisely to your requirements.

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