Discover A New World Of Customers Through Android Apps Development

Aside from giving you access to a massive user base, Android apps are quick to market, offer great portability with other operating systems, and provide your business with a new means for generating revenues.

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Android Apps Development In Dubai, UAE

Traffic Digital was amongst the first digital agencies in Dubai to launch Android application development when the official Android SDK was released in 2010. To-date we still remain the leading provider of customised Android apps in the UAE.

We specialise in using Android SDK's APIs, handset emulator, audio-visual controller, sample code and debugging tools to create applications that look good, and work even better.

We leverage our expertise in Android application development in Dubai to offer technology solutions such as:

    • Framework API's
    • Android SDK supported Java Programming
    • C/C++ programming
    • Using protocols
    • Google Play
    • Android's WiFi API's
    • Android SyncAdapters
    • Printing frameworks
    • Media (Audio-Video) frameworks
    • Near Field Communication (NFC)
    • 3rd party social application integration
    • Google Analytics integration
    • Google Cloud Messaging
    • Location based services using Google Maps, GPS etc


Our Android services cover every aspect of app development, and offer comprehensive solutions with exceptional quality, performance and quick time to market. Our Android development in the UAE solutions offers you:

    • WiFi and GPS communication system
    • Comprehensive range of bar code scanning system
    • Business/workplace systems
    • Travel system
    • Security systems
    • Internet applications
    • Gaming application
    • Shopping and e-commerce systems

Traffic Digital is one of the leading Android apps development companies in Dubai, UAE. Our expertise on Android apps take your business to new heights. Consult us and we'll take you ahead.