Reach New Customers Through iPhone Application Development

iOS is a powerful platform that allows you to discover new business expansion opportunities and generate revenue streams by developing enterprise apps. Businesses choose iPhone application development because it offers an excellent user experience, high-level security and consistent customer support. By developing an iOS app for your business, you can reach a new customer base on iPhones and iPads.

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Looking For iOS Developers in Dubai ? Traffic Digital is The Leading App Development Agency

Traffic Digital is the leading 360° digital agency in UAE, offering innovative digital solutions and developing state-of-the-art apps that align with your brand’s goals. We have extensive experience in devising digital strategies and providing app development solutions for brands locally and internationally. As a leading iOS developer in Dubai, we have developed apps on the latest versions of iOS powered by multi-lingual support, backward compatibility, user-friendly animations, and complete UI/UX support. Visit our portfolio here.

Harness iOS Development And Discover New Ways To Boost Your Revenue

iOS is an ideal platform for businesses to promote their services and fuel business processes and productivity.  For any business, getting feedback and user data from apps is crucial when it comes to improving the user experience. Here are a few benefits of iOS development:

Enhanced App Security

iOS is an excellent platform offering maximum app security. It allows you to not only take care of your assets but also protect users’ data effectively. iOS offers a strong shield against virus and malwares which ultimately leads to delivering hassle-free user experience.

Secure Transactions

Alongside already existing security measures for online payment, iOS enterprise apps provide additional security to your customers by encrypting online transactions and preventing phishing and hacking.

High ROI

Developing an iOS app will enable you to generate ROIs in many ways. From charging a fee for the app to in-app purchases and leveraging paid banner advertising through iAd network, you can create streams of revenues from your iOS development.

Excellent Consumer Experience

iOS apps are built with greater collaboration between designers and developers,  creating a more seamless overall experience. Since iOS apps offer users a faster and easier user experience, you can leverage this opportunity to advertise your products or services and reach more customers.

Our App Development Processes

iPhone application development entails careful planning and strategising. Here is how Traffic Digital builds apps for you:

  • Initiation - We do a thorough analysis of your business model, processes and roles, carefully assessing your app needs.
  • Planning - We produce iOS design specifications for the RFP (Request for Proposal) that includes exact scope of work, associated dependencies, assumptions and technical resources and tools.
  • Agile management - We provide bi-weekly reports that specify milestones, risks and overheads.
  • Conclusion - When everything is complete and all parties are happy, the project is submitted to the app store. We can continue to offer support if required.