Millennium Technology For The Millennial Communication – Beacons & LBS

Imagine what you could achieve if you were able to interact with your customers based on their precise location and customize your communication processes! You would connect with them when the timing is right, grab their attention when you need it the most and, as a result, drive your sales to an unprecedented level. This is what Traffic Digital’s location-based services (LBS) solutions offer to you.

All you need is a smart WiFi, no additional hardware. We can help you improve the operational efficiency of your company and communicate with your clients like never before. And the best part? Our LBS solution has unlimited scalability in the cloud.

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Beacons & Proximity – Digital Communication At Its Best

Unless you are highly specialized in the digital area, you are wondering about beacons. Basically, they are micro-location based devices that identify nearby Bluetooth devices and transmit information through radio frequency signals. As smartphones and most mobile devices use Bluetooth, they capture the beacon signals and estimate the distance by measuring the RSSI (received signal strength). A beacon has a powerful ARM processor, Bluetooth Smart module, temperature and motion sensor, memory and it is powered by coin batteries. Any PC, mobile phone and tablet with BLE support can also function as a beacon, being able to receive and transmit beacon signals.

For all the fantastic advantages they offer, beacons are inexpensive and can be used to communicate offers and engage your clients when they are near you. They are already being used in various industries, such as retail, educational institutions, enterprises, finance, travel, etc. because they provide unprecedented targeted communication and efficiency. For example, if you own a shop, you can place a beacon on the wall and use it to target and customise communication with potential clients that are in the proximity of your location. The beacon will communicate with the corresponding smartphone app and determine the person’s location with high accuracy.

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Proximity Is The New Black In The Retail Industry

The most important thing you have to understand about beacons is that they represent the much-needed link between the online and offline world and create a unique customer experience.

With the help of beacons you can identify your potential and loyal customers’ location and what they are interested in when they enter your store’s environment. These micro devices revolutionize client communication and help you engage your consumers by empowering you to send relevant, local and hyper-targeted messages on their smartphones. And, as we all know, highly-specialized targeting means efficiency, awareness and growth.

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In-Store Beacons Technology For Smart Communication

When a potential client with a smartphone enters a retail store that uses beacons, these amazing devices will emit radio signals to locate the customer, thus enabling you to send focused short messages. No pairing and connection are needed, so the process is extremely simple and efficient.

But how can you redefine the shopping experience based on the client’s location and movement inside the store? You can send custom messages to a client, based on their purchasing history, brand preference and the products there are searching for. You can also make tailored offers and discounts to loyal customers, thus letting them know that you value them. The options are infinite but, most important, you can also use beacons to collect valuable data (such as shopping behaviour and trends) that would, otherwise be unavailable to you or cost an arm and a leg to research.

Using beacons in retail stores means customizing your messages to create a unique shopping experience and eliminating the need for tedious and expensive market research. Practically, beacons deliver precious business intelligence and the perfect means to communicate efficiently with your clients in the form of micro computing smart devices that have revolutionized the advertising world.

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Traffic Digital Beacons & LBS Solutions For Your Company

Yes, we are industry leaders in beacon technology in the Middle East because we are dedicated to the future of digital marketing. We help our clients across UAE (and not only) achieve an unprecedented level of efficiency through beacons and location-based services solutions. We provide you with the field-tested hardware and tools to empower you to make the most of this fascinating technology.

Imagine being able to have customized conversations with your consumers when they are in the proximity of your business! At Traffic Digital, we have taken the beacon technology to the next level and created the means for two-way communication between the transmitter and the application. Our solution works indoors, is compatible with both iOS and Android, and it supports both listener (passive) and broadcaster (active) actions. This means that when you benefit from our solution, you can gain valuable insight regarding the traffic in your business location and communicate with your clients through real-time, relevant notifications based on their shopping behaviour.

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Technical features of the Beacon technology

  • Communicates with Bluetooth (version 4.0 or later)
  • Can run on full iBeacon mode
  • Android (4.3 or later) and Apple (iOS 7 or later) compatible
  • Wi-Fi or 3G/4G internet access
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