What is CAC?

By using environmental and situational data about people, things and places, context-aware computing (CAC) can anticipate the needs of consumers and provide situational content and experiences. Applications can deliver tailored information to customers by accessing their location, activity and social environment. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are being developed by large companies such as Google, Apple and Microsoft to innovate their commercial applications. Often grouped under the broad term of location based services (LBS), context-aware computing is still seen as being in its infancy. Nevertheless, CAC has many useful applications in numerous different industries and is estimated to increase from $12.60 billion in 2012 to a staggering $119.90 billion by 2018.

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Roadmap for Context-Aware Computing

The following technology roadmap displays the predicated rise of CAC over the course of ten years and more. It estimates the spread of services and applications providing tailored data to the consumer, drawing on their preferences, location, current activity and time of day to further increase accuracy.

Context-Aware Computing

The Advantages of Being Context-Aware

CAC can tackle a large amount of common business problems. As consumers use a wider variety of different browsers, applications, devices and operating systems, so too will problems in their user experience also increase. These problems allow us to understand a customer more closely--something very important to us here at Traffic Digital. New business opportunities will emerge from this improved understanding, reducing frustration and complexity for the user by increasing productivity. Context is already essential in mobile consumer services and widely seen as important to mobile devices as search engines are to traditional web browsing. There are numerous applications for business solutions, from improving the accuracy of call centres to enhancing marketing.

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Other ways in which CAC can improve your business processes are as follows:

  • Luring and keeping new customers
  • Developing new services and products
  • Reducing overall costs
  • Extending current customer relationships
  • Improving your workforce's effectiveness
  • Expanding your business into new geographies and markets

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Context-Aware Computing

How Should You Invest in Context-Aware Computing?

As the economic climate continues to affect the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world, Traffic Digital's context-aware technology provides exciting business opportunities. Context-rich information is a way to improve and hone your existing business model. It's essential to get involved as early as possible. As context-aware computing is still developing, when it inevitably becomes more widespread, those who are already implementing context-aware solutions will have an enormous advantage over the competition. Currently, privacy and trust are a concern for consumers and a certain amount of experimenting will be necessary for a business to succeed.

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Traffic Digital's CAC Plan

Traffic Digital has a clear plan for helping your business introduce context-aware computing. First, a strategic initiative must be established that will be enhanced through utilising context data. The application itself should neither be too simple nor too complex. Whereas some others believe it should be as simple as possible, this typically restricts the full benefits that your company will receive. The costs of acquiring context information should be carefully considered to ensure the investment is benefiting the business. For the consumer, privacy concerns are essential and should be sensitively handled.

Traffic Digital's context-aware technology can revolutionise your business. If you're ready to get started, contact us today at +971 (0)4 454 2230

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