What is Hyper-Segmentation?

A specific consumer's segment can be pinpointed with hyper-segmentation. The two most popular methods for this are 'addressable marketing' and 'progressive profiling'. Utilising digital communication services, addressable marketing gathers details about online behaviours such as content interaction, site visitation and exposure to advertising. In contrast to this, progressive profiling uses interactive websites to amass its data. They typically do this by asking consumers for specific information during their interaction, thereby receiving valuable details about the preferences of those individual consumers. Here at Traffic Digital, we provide hyper-segmentation as one of many strategic services for businesses throughout the Middle East and beyond.

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Hyper Segment Lifestyles

Think about the way you define yourself: the things you buy, the places you go, the clothes you wear. Whether you live in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE. A large part of your identity is the lifestyle you choose. As such, lifestyles are their own brands with their own communities and forms of loyalty. This is something that lifestyle ecommerce brands have effectively tapped into. They specialise in forming highly-focused customer niches, the more specific the better. For example: educated single sporty men with above-average salaries and an interest in all things vintage. By defining a lifestyle, you define the customer, and the more niche that lifestyle is, the more the customer feels that you understand them.

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Using Micro Targeting with Hyper-segmentation

As a professional digital agency, Traffic Digital understands the power of micro targeting. Targeted advertisements are 200% more effective than untargeted ones. Not only that, but the more targeted they are, the more effective they become. A huge amount of consumer information is available online, thanks to social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. All this information assists in micro targeting by allowing advertisers to pinpoint niche consumer groups within specialised demographics. Marketers throughout the United Arab Emirates are utilising this data more and more each year and 2016 will be no different. By identifying the lifestyles targeted by your competition, you can hyper segment efficiently by differentiating from them. It's also possible, of course, to target the same lifestyle as your competition, as long as your strategy for acquisition is flawless. The first step in achieving this is to identify the particular consumer you wish to acquire and to find out whether any other company has already claimed them.

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