The Next Generation of Digital Engagement

The internet has been through many transformative phases, from the spread of file sharing to the rise of e-commerce and, more recently, the explosion of social media. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the concept of connecting things and devices and is seen as the next great phase. It's not just cell phones and tablets, however. Sensors, security cameras and even production machines are all part of the connected Internet of Things. By 2022, there are expected to be 14 billion devices connected to the internet, including many throughout the Middle East. This connectivity of devices is so exciting and important because it opens up new business models, revenue streams and consumer insights. What we learn from these insights can be used to develop new services that enhance and expand traditional product business.

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What exactly is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

It's something that everyone at Traffic Digital is excited about. Can you picture the physical world becoming a digital information system? Imagine in the future when commonplace physical objects are connected to the internet and able to communicate with other devices. This is the foreseeable computing concept known as the Internet of Things. It is primarily associated with RFID as the main method of communication but other theories suggest alternative sensor technologies could be used such as QR codes or wireless.

The IoT is important because when an object represents itself through digital means, it becomes something more significant than just the object on its own. Where once the object only related to you, now it is suddenly communicating with nearby objects and defining itself in relation to them while accessing database information. "Ambient intelligence" is when multiple objects all communicate together. People typically imagine connectivity between computers, smartphones and tablets. With the IoT, however, anything can be connected to anything else and can communicate independently of humans in an intelligent way.

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Is the Internet of Things Going to Affect Your Business?

The IoT will eventually affect all businesses throughout the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the world, but how much it will affect yours depends upon what industry you are in. Currently, manufacturing is the most advanced in its IoT progress, using technology to track and organise machines and people. Agriculture has also seen considerable progress as farmers utilise connected sensors to monitor livestock and crops in an effort to boost the efficiency and production of crop growth and animal health. There are countless other examples and only the future itself will reveal all the ways in which devices will connect throughout our lives. With plants and tools, the benefits are clear but when IoT is applied to people themselves, the potential for misuse and the invasion of privacy is troubling. Connected objects could easily be used to track or monitor people in order to improve their work efficiency. While this might make sense from a business point of view, there is something almost Orwellian about its implications.

Here at Traffic Digital, we work closely with our customers to locate IoT business cases and utilise the technology to establish brand new revenue streams and business models while also increasing efficiency and decreasing costs. Would you like to know more about our services? Call us today at +971 (0)4 454 2230

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