Traffic Digital's Streaming Services

One of the many digital solutions that Traffic Digital provides to businesses throughout the Middle East and North Africa is professional webcasting. Offering both live and on-demand streaming, we cater to a wide and diverse range of clients including large broadcasters and individual streamers. There are three crucial elements to the online streaming process:

• Acquisition
• Distribution
• Analysis

Traffic Digital's streaming services have been honed to fully utilise these three essential elements, bringing streaming solutions throughout the UAE and beyond.

Mobile Streaming

With 40% of streaming traffic coming from mobile devices, it's more essential than ever to target iPhones, iPads, Androids, BlackBerry and other similar devices.

Video Streaming

Here at Traffic Digital, we provide a live streaming service to broadcasters. This enables them to deliver 24/7 streaming media in real-time over the internet. With video broadcasters, a popular application of this is Internet TV.

Radio Streaming

Our radio streaming solution is ideal for both online and terrestrial radio broadcasters from the Middle East and beyond. Using just one account over multiple platforms, you can broadcast multiple channels for maximum exposure.

Steaming Live Events

We are proud to offer the webcasting of many live events across the UAE including concerts and sporting events. Naturally, this necessitates a professional video crew at the location and an established CDN.

Reliable Webcasting

Webcasting has improved dramatically over the years. Where once poor quality was almost accepted, these days there are no excuses. As a high performing digital agency, Traffic Digital provides consistent sharp high-quality video with distinct and clear audio. As a webcast directly represents your company, quality is paramount. No loss, no interruptions and no disconnection: with our broad experience, we make the most of modern technology to supply a flawless webcast, every single time.

Webcast Support Services

Traffic Digital is here to support you every step of the way. While your webcast is streaming, our dedicated producers will support you remotely or even onsite. As experts in their field, they will ensure your webcast will run smoothly and professionally for both your presenters and audience. By not having to worry about common webcast problems such as audio and video issues, you can focus on the most important thing: webcasting a great show.

HD Webcast Live Streaming and Professional Encoding

Are you concerned about high quality streaming requiring too much bandwidth for your audience? Our onsite professional encoding service provides the highest potential quality at the lowest possible bandwidth, giving your audience a superb overall experience. By having the highest quality audio and video, your business will have a slick and professional appearance and fully engage your audience.

Worldwide Consistent Management Services

Make sure your audience receives a consistent experience worldwide with our professional event management team. As all clients receive one point of contact during the planning stages, communication is streamlined and efficient with real-time updates throughout.

Traffic Digital's Onsite Services at Venues

If you need additional support to watch the webcast at remote meeting places, Traffic Digital is here to help. We guarantee a top class experience for your audience with internet bandwidth site surveys and on-site technical management services, amongst others.

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