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Getting visitors to go to a new website is a very difficult (and expensive!) task. So instead, why not keep the visitors you already have? Persuading visitors to return is a worthwhile investment.

Research shows that 2 to 5 % of visitors on e-commerce sites will make a purchase the first time they visit the site or web store. Remarketing is a great way to bring back the other 95–98% of visitors. Remarketing (or retargeting, as it's also called) is done by tracking visitors' initial visit to your store and then advertising your brand or products to them again later on, with strategically placed advertisements on other websites, as they continue to browse the Internet.

Maybe you've heard of AdRoll or Google Remarketing services. There are several great platforms and Traffic Digital has a great handle on each of them. Whether you choose to call it remarketing or retargeting, this is a strategy that gets visitors to remember your site, raises your profile and increases awareness of your brand. Bring visitors back to your online store with an effective remarketing campaign and they'll be more likely to make a purchase.

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Traffic Digital can target visitors using several different methods:

Website remarketing

Here we have the most common form of retargeting. Website remarketing allows you to identify your site's visitors and target them by displaying banner ads on websites they visit afterwards. Every time they see your retargeting ads, they think “A-ha!” and your brand instantly gains more traction and recognition. This strategy of repeated exposure brings you great results, including high click-through rates and a boost in conversions.

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Facebook retargeting

Once users login to Facebook, they can be retargeted with relevant advertisements based on websites they were recently browsing and the products they were searching for.

Search remarketing

Search retargeting is a way to put data from Internet searches to great use. Search remarketing uses intent data from search engines and targets users who have searched for similar or competing services, but have not yet been to your site. By using intent data, we can create a highly effective visual remarketing solution and increase your conversions.

Mobile remarketing

Your retargeting campaign can easily be taken to mobile devices, too. There are a lot of people using mobile to browse, and luckily site, search and Facebook remarketing can work these devices, too!

Personalised retargeting

Personalised retargeting, a.k.a. Dynamic Ads, allow you to display ads that are customised to that particular visitor. These ads can be based on specific products they had viewed on your web site, a specific services page they spent time on, or a particular action they performed on your site. The ad itself is dynamic and can include any image or text related to the visitor's previous browsing experience.

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