An Introduction to Online Community Management

An online community is located on social media or another owned platform, and community management is the act of building and guiding that community in a desired direction.

Community managers take responsibility for this guidance and for also keeping the spirit and health of their communities by using some of the following techniques:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Moderation
  • Developing and managing social media content
  • General community support
  • Engaging in social listening and reporting
  • Giving guidance and ideas to your social media strategy
  • Data analysis

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Traffic Digital's Online Community Management Consulting

In order to develop and shape your community, Traffic Digital's community management professionals will work closely with you. By designing a strategy to improve your brand, we will multiply customer engagement and retention and help your social media campaigns to organically reach far. Alternatively, we can modify your existing media strategy and provide support for social media planning. As we also specialise in social listening solutions, we can combine these services with online community management to further analyse and improve your social media campaigns. Our dedicated team of experts can form a tailored content strategy, producing and overseeing content to guarantee your campaigns are popular with consumers. Traffic Digital's enormous experience in community management has many other applications, for example by auditing your community to ensure it meets child internet safety recommendations.

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Continual Community Management

Positive and on-going engagement with you community and social networks is essential for keeping them active and healthy. As such, our community managers will encourage and invigorate them, all the while keeping you informed of competitor activity and industry trends. This also incorporates feedback on how to further improve your community and also continual participation with your community's users. By utilising Traffic Digital's social listening tools (or alternatively your own), we can provide data on community content creation and on future social media planning.

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The Advantages of Professional Community Management

Your B2B or B2C brand can benefit immensely from professional community management. By improving brand and product loyalty, it forms a tighter connection between your consumer and your brand. With 24/7 focus groups, your content strategy can be developed and refined, increasing the visitors to your community areas and subsequently the rest of your website. Effective community management can be a competitive differentiator against your rival companies and can help in expanding beyond Dubai and the United Arab Emirates into further territories. Finally, there is no better way to understand your consumers than engaging with them directly and a fun and thriving community is the best environment for this to occur.

As a high performing digital agency, our solutions are not limited to online community management. We also offer the following included with our community management service:

• Content strategy
• Content creation and curation in multiple languages
Social media management
• Social media monitoring and social listening

Are you interested in Traffic Digital's expertise in online community management? Are you looking to establish an online community for your brand or do you need assistance with your existing community? Either way, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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