Social Media Influencer Marketing – The Basics

You have probably often heard about the snowball effect of social media - a simple action that can gain popularity (negative or positive) through social media and impact your business in a tremendous way. Similar to the “word-of-mouth” concept, the right influence on social media translates into more sales and an enhanced brand image. But who makes the initial snowball?

That would be either your company or the influencers. You can create this snowball effect through content, inadvertently or not. For instance, an outrageous mistake will attract the attention of millions, but you are not aiming for negative attention. An extremely exciting and creative campaign, on the other hand, will attract lots of positive attention but, unfortunately, nobody can guarantee that your campaign will become viral. The better method to increase brand awareness is to use influencers. Those are the people that have popular blogs or social networks and an audience of their own. While you may not be able to reach that audience solely through your social media accounts, you can communicate with them through influencers, the same way TV channels were used to communicate to consumers. The difference is that an influencer’s audience is better targeted and more specialised.

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Traffic Digital’s Influencer Relationship Management Services (IRM)

Finding the right influencers for your business is a science of psychology, sociology, advertising and digital marketing. At Traffic Digital, we have specialised in researching key influencers across UAE for each of our clients’ specific business landscape.

We can connect you with the key influencers for your business and target them with the right message through the most relevant channels. Whether those influencers are industry analysts in the Middle East, investor or experts, we can identify them and facilitate an impactful communication that enhances your reach.

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What Does Our Social Media Influencer Marketing Program Include?

  • A market landscape audit and in-depth assessment of the social media channels
  • Research of the key influencers in your sector and their trusted media
  • A tailored strategy for engaging those influencers through messaging and introductory briefings
  • Creation of content, including presentations, blog posts and bylines
  • Assessment of the link between social media efforts and engagement to perfect the communication process
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The Tactics of An Influencer Marketing Strategy

  • Firstly, we research and identify the topics of influence that regard your brand’s audience
  • After identifying the influencers, we assess their quality of content, alignment with the values of your brand and engagement rates to make sure they are a solid contextual fit for your needs.
  • We communicate with those selected and engage them through email and other relevant channels to ask them to make a partnership with your brand, based on mutual benefits and compensation.
  • As the measurement of success is the key to a good business practice, we measure the earned media and identify the influencers that have been the most successful in expanding your reach.
  • Last, but not least, we aim at creating a meaningful and reliable relation with those influencers and use this partnership for more successful marketing strategies in the future.
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The Benefits Of Influencer Outreach

Besides the obvious advantage of an increased reach and brand awareness, our experience in UAE and not only has proven to us that there are many other fantastic benefits in marketing the influencers relations.

  • 16 times more engagement

    Mid-level influencers, such as bloggers, have a more loyal audience than mega-influencers or paid media because they have their public’s trust. As a result, they drive more engagement.

  • 88% more relevant to buyers

    As studies have shown, 88% of the consumers believe that online reviews are “very influential” when it comes to the purchase decision.

  • Relevant to “millennials”

    This particular and enormous segment of the consumers is extremely different from the others. To get them on your side, you need to speak their language and be aware of the fact they vet a brand’s story more than any other audience.

  • 90% vs. 30%

    Yes, almost all of the consumers tend to trust peer recommendations. The same cannot be said about ads, however, when only 30% of the buyers trust them.

  • Reaching the RIGHT target

    Unlike media and advertising channels in the offline world, the online influencers have a very specific audience. When that audience is part of your brand’s target, you know exactly what you are paying for and who gets your message.

  • The much-sought authenticity

    Buyers demand authenticity from the brands and influencers are the key to providing it. Equip them with a valuable experience about your brand and they will share it with their audience, raising your engagement rates to unprecedented levels.

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Building A Successful Strategy Based On Social Media Influencer Marketing

Our experience in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates has allowed us to identify creative and efficient ways of developing a strategy around social media influencers.

Firstly, you need to have very precise goals before connecting with influencers. You need to know the type of influencers you want to use and what you want them to share with their audience because hinting at exciting experiences in the email you send to them is the surest way to get them interested.

You need to be extremely creative about everything – how you approach them, what you get them to talk about, etc. Understand that advertising is omnipresent, and you need to be different to get their attention. Don’t be afraid to be bold!

Provide an experience, not a demand – When you ask influencers to review your product, they may do it, but if they aren’t excited about it, it will show. Instead of simply asking for it, provide them with a unique experience with your brand. They will be more authentic and creative talking about it, and your engagement rates will be better.

Visually valuable - Don’t forget to share high-resolution images with your influencers. The visual content needs to be as exciting as the written one, so get involved in the process.

Experiment with various influencers and topics and measure the engagement – Some of the topics or influencers will bring better results than others and the key to success is to identify the segments that work best for your brand.

Think niche topics and content quality – When measuring the success of an influencer for your brand, firstly you should consider the quality of the content and their relevance for a particular niche. Only after you have selected the best influencers from these points of view, you should consider which ones of them have the highest traffic and social results.

Discover what people want to share - There is no better way to enhance your reach than to create messages that are exciting to your target. The messages need to be unique, out-of-the-box and appeal to your audience so that they will want to share them by default.

Don’t employ influencers, build a network – The aim is not to use influencers for a one-time campaign but to create a network of bloggers and other types of influencers that will consistently help your brand and benefit your company.

Rely on Traffic Digital to help you identify the right influencers for your company and create a custom strategy for transforming them into advocates of your brand. Contact us and let us discuss business strategy in a smart way!

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