Measuring Success

Do you know how effective your brand's social media programme is? Identifying your targets is the most important aspect in accurately measuring your social media success. Are you simply attempting to improve brand awareness in Dubai? Or are you seeking to increase sales by locating and keeping new customers in the UAE and beyond? Here at Traffic Digital, we work directly with you to set ambitious but realistic goals that we continue to monitor throughout our partnership. Our team of social media experts track the impact of your social marketing campaigns and relay important results from your social data that can be utilised to maximise your social media strategy. These findings will likely remain hidden without advanced measurement processes monitoring them, also keeping hidden the resultant business opportunities that can arise from them.

Measurement Reporting Services: Understand What You Are Measuring

All businesses strive to succeed but less than half of social media marketers measure their success. Here at Traffic Digital, we use three areas of measurement to scrutinise your social media performance:

  • Engagement

    Every interaction during a reporting period is measured, including comments, page likes, retweets, shares and direct messages. Generally, high quality content results in high engagement which reaches far and wide more naturally.

  • Reach

    We investigate your social channels to identify how many unique users engaged with your content. As the reach of posts can vary enormously depending on the chosen social channel, this is a crucial metric to observe.

  • Conversions

    By using conversion tracking pixels favoured by social channels, we are able to monitor successful calls to action.

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These three areas of measurement allow us to create a tailored reporting system that monitors your growing social channels and the types of content that have the most engagement. Depending on your requirements, these reports can be produced weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Along with this information, we also provide engagement demographics to give you further insight into your return on investment and social media performance.

Different Types of Metrics in Measurements and Reporting

There are two different types of metrics that we differentiate between when performing measurement for your brand:

  • Results-based metrics

    These measure desired actions initiated through social media including sales and appointments.

  • Activity-based metrics

    By looking at user activities on social channels, we can gain greater understanding into a brand and product. Additionally, by contrasting those activities with user demographics, we can even gain perspective from different points of view.

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Our in-depth analysis uses these crucial metrics to delve deep into consumer behaviour and provide you with key takeaways to enhance your brand presence and development.

Traffic Digital's Expert Analysis

While there are always some surprises, typically there are common types of content that resonate with your audience and cause flurries of engagement. These high-performance posts are invaluable to our measurement and reporting as we can scrutinise their phrases and demographic information to locate key data about your brand. To us, measurement and reporting is not an optional extra but an essential feature of your social strategy. With the social landscape constantly shifting, we are here to steer you, always monitoring and analysing so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

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