Why Do You Need Social Media Education?

$1.3 trillion is the amount companies can unlock in annual business value as the McKinsey Global Institute has proven in their recent report. Social media is a great force that drives business nowadays because the millennial consumer has developed the need for real-time, two-ways communication. Customers want to interact with brands; they want to be engaged and their preferences are often based on whether they like a brand’s voice or not.

It firstly started out as a business experiment in the marketing department. But soon after, it changed the business world forever. Social media and its snowball effect have made and unmade brands and have become a crucial need for every company. From social media experts to sales, HR and even legal teams, everybody in your business is involved in the social media process and their contribution needs to be a valuable one. Each organisation across UAE (and not only) needs social media education if they want to unlock a tremendous potential and become global.

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What Are The Benefits of Social Media Training For Your Company?

  • The more digitally specialised a company is, the higher the revenue per employee becomes
  • Through training, your company will benefit from a much-needed competitive edge, be able to reduce risk and gain valuable insight into consumers’ behaviour
  • You will discover the advantages of precise targeting across the social media landscape by understanding how to locate and time your interactions
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Traffic Digital’s Social Media Education Brings Value To Your Company

  • We custom each session for the particular needs of our clients. You will get exactly what you need.
  • We will work together and design a unique agenda for your social media education session, according to the needs of your employees and the architecture of your business environment.
  • You will gain insight on how to attract the right audience to your company through social media. Of course, there is a strong correlation between your audience and how you communicate with them. This is why our training session is tailored to your target, providing you with the right tools for your specific audience.
  • Last, but not least, your employees will benefit from a custom training according to their preferences, personality and knowledge in the social media field. By the end of the training, they will possess valuable and relevant know-how, regardless of their previous social media experience.
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Why Choose Traffic Digital For Social Media Education?

If you wanted to learn about the human brain, would you go to a massage therapist or a doctor? There are many advertising agencies and many training companies in the Middle East, but none of them can provide the same level of social media knowledge. The reason for that is quite straightforward – Traffic Digital is a specialised social media agency.

We don’t hire trainers that also speak about TV advertising, organisational psychology and crisis management based on theoretical knowledge. Our trainers are our social media experts that spend their time designing and implementing social media campaigns for our clients. They are versed in the digital field because this is what they do every single day of their lives – they raise up to the challenges you face and use the latest changes and trends to enhance their work.

In other words, we use our practical experience to teach your company how to become in-house social media experts. Where others teach you the general functions, we teach you the specifics of social media for your company only. Where others tell you it is a good idea to use various social media platforms, we help you understand why you need to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., for your organisation and how to use it to get real results.

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What Will Your Social Training Include?

As we stated before, each training we deliver is tailored to a company’s particular needs. We don’t follow a standard training routine because we work together to establish an agenda that will answer your needs only.

To get an idea of what your training may include, take a look below at some of the topics we covered with our clients.

Examples of topics for the “beginner” level:

  • The Social Media landscape – what is relevant for you from everything that is out there
  • How do you define a successful social media presence?
  • What specific websites to use for your objectives?
  • The ways you can use a social media platform for specific goals – e.g. finding new business on Facebook or enhancing your brand’s awareness through Twitter
  • Creating a custom plan for growing your audience
  • The free software you can use to improve efficiency and how to use them
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Examples of topics for the “intermediate” and “advanced” levels:

  • Step-by-step advanced techniques plan for growing your audience
  • How to target specific categories of individuals on Social Media
  • Developing and implementing highly-efficient and compliant competitions on Facebook
  • How to establish and measure the proper performance indicators for your social media account
  • Planning your content and messaging in a smart way
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Unlock the fantastic potential in business revenue social media has by letting us educating your employees on what we do best: enhancing brands to an unprecedented level through the use of social media. Fill in the form below or contact us to benefit from a highly specialised and customised social media education.



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