Listening to Your Customers

Social media has empowered both businesses and consumers. As all businesses should listen to their customers, they should naturally pay close attention to their vocalisations on the social web. If you ignore this invaluable part of indirect customer feedback, you are missing out on a crucial business dialogue. Social media provides a platform for customers to express themselves openly and honestly. Nowadays, merely providing customer support over phone and email is simply insufficient. Instead of just utilising social media for marketing and promotion, many companies are incorporating it into their customer service. While this has been successful for many businesses, establishing such an infrastructure can be intimidating if an organisation is lacking in the resources to implement and support it.

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Applications of Social Listening

Social listening enables you to identify new trends as they are still developing, not after they are established, allowing you to place yourself at their very centre. Analysing the effectiveness of active campaigns through social listening is also much more beneficial than those that have already finished. If you have ever wanted to know the honest public opinion about your brand and services without any bias or politeness, social listening is one of the most reliable sources of information. Finally, if you are uncertain about particular marketing decisions, social listening can give you invaluable guidance about which direction to take.

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How Traffic Digital Uses Social Listening

Being a high performing digital agency, Traffic Digital will ensure that you provide the finest social customer care in the business. With our state of the art technology and social media experts, we're able to sift and analyse your customers' online conversation, whether they are in Dubai, elsewhere in the Middle East or even worldwide. This gives you access to invaluable customer opinion in order to improve your own customer service. We are capable of assessing customer location, sentiment, Net Promoter Score and their demographics. Our resulting social listening solutions include analytics, custom reporting and engagement advice.

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Empower Your Brand with Social Listening Solutions

Depending on your needs, Traffic Digital's team of social media experts can scale the scope of the social listening required. This could be simply observing for brand mentions in the United Arab Emirates or other countries in which you operate. Languages are not a problem; we can monitor in any you require.

Additionally, we can also offer support to your company's own social media manager or assist with individual initiatives and in-house activities. Some of these include:

  • Identification of online influencers who can become brand advocates
  • Swiftly pinpointing social media issues and assisting you in how to appropriately respond on specific social media channels
  • Collating customer feedback to fully comprehend customer response to products
  • Observing customer discussions and utilising that feedback to improve your business
  • Monitoring the sentiment of customers and, if necessary, turning negative sentiment into something positive
  • Managing reputation to defuse negative situations and maintain positive image
  • Analysing the latest trends among competitors
  • Monitoring the excitement or indifference around particular marketing campaigns, promotions and press releases

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Do You Really Need Social Listening?

It might be difficult to ascertain if you need social listening, but let us ask you a few questions to understand your needs. Do you feel somewhat disconnected from your customers and what they are discussing in social media? Would you like to engage with them in a more productive and meaningful way to both improve their customer experience and to strengthen your own customer care? Do you ever get the feeling that your brand is being excluded from social media discussion? Would you like to pre-empt a social media crisis promptly in order to defuse it? If so, Traffic Digital's social listening solutions can definitely help you.

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Why Choose Traffic Digital?

We believe that efficient and accurate social listening can only be accomplished by teams of expertly trained people who work 24/7. Here at Traffic Digital, we use state of the art technology to identify all mentions of your brand on the social web. Just as using top technology is essential, so is using the correct tools and we can either buy new licences for platforms on behalf of your brand or utilise your own existing tools. We constantly monitor the biggest social media networks and are masters at sifting through extraneous information to locate crucial data and opinion.

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Contact Us

Let us do the hard work for you and meticulously search the internet for social mentions of your brand and your competitors and any other keywords that are important to you. If you feel your social presence seems too quiet or you are searching for more detailed information, contact us for a social audit to identify your needs. Get in touch today to find out how our social listening solutions can benefit your brand.

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