What Are Social Media Activations?

The use of social media is soaring. As such, it is essential for businesses to connect with their consumers on their favourite platforms, thereby fostering brand ambassadors and guiding customer sentiment. By encouraging your consumers to directly participate in the story of your brand, social media engagement is a more natural form of marketing that feels, to the customer, more like a dialogue than a lecture. This act of organically turning social media users into brand advocates is called 'social media activation'. Instead of passive fans, they become active contributors in events organised by your business such as campaigns and contests.

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Brand Activation and Social Media Engagement at Events

Events such as festivals throughout the Middle East and beyond are perfect for brand activation. In order to establish broad and accurate brand awareness, banners and logo placements at festivals are no longer sufficient. The next step can be seen in state of the art technology such as RFID-enabled wristbands. By swiping these wristbands at festivals and other events, brand activations are easily measureable. Social media makes a great combination with this as online accounts can be linked to the wristbands so that event-goers can update their friends and family about their festival experience on the social web.

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Traffic Digital's Social Media Activation Solutions

Strong digital strategy activation is much more effective in encouraging customer interaction than traditional media. Here at Traffic Digital, we are committed to discovering lucrative opportunities for your brand. Once we have researched and understood the market condition, we form a unique, relevant and powerful strategy. An excellent strategy, however, also requires the perfect media to maximise its potential. Finally, we carefully measure and monitor the progress of our digital marketing activation. What we are aiming for is an excellent relationship between the audience and the brand whereby they gain new insight and understanding about the nature and concept of your brand. This is the first key step to creating brand ambassadors and further expanding the power and potential of your business.

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