It's important to continually analyse competitors—no matter what type of enterprise you're running. Competitor analyses and intelligence collection involve accumulating data, analysing it, and then applying it. You need to know every detail about your competitors' products and services, their pricing strategies, and their customer base. This information will aid you in making critical business decisions.

If you'd like to learn more about competing organisations, down to the details, here are just a few reasons why you should outsource your competitive analysis to Traffic Digital:

  • Traffic Digital's team of expert statisticians, analysts, and domain experts are well-versed in competitive intelligence
  • We eliminate bias in your competitive analysis. Competitive analysis is often more effective when carried out by external experts
  • Competitive analysis should never stop. Traffic Digital takes care of everything, short-and long-term, preventing you from having to hire full-time employees

Your company will benefit from our detailed insights about the products and services your competitors offer. Traffic Digital provides information that will help you improve your bottom line.

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A solid business plan goes deeper than intuition alone. Your ideas have to be supported by intelligence from market research. Investors need facts in order to have confidence in your understanding of the market. Research is on your side.

All business plans require careful attention to the following:


Traffic Digital can help you establish just how large your industry is. We do research on revenue and the number of players in the game, and we keep up with current trends in technology, culture and buying habits in order to complete this section of your business plan. Our team will search high and low through industry sources and current news and identify trends that affect your industry.


You already know who your competitors are, but what else do you know about them? This part of your plan should include an analysis of key competitors, including how they market their services/products, how their brand is differentiated through marketing and advertising, and what their market share is. Our team can help you gather intelligence on the competition, whether they're in the United Arab Emirates or international.


Your plan has to identify and prioritise target markets. This is another important part of your business plan and good research is essential. You should consider questions like: What are your target audiences' demographics? What's the best way to reach them? What are their problems or concerns? What kind of marketing and selling techniques do they respond to the most?

Our team is subscribed to essential fee-based resources

Databases and resources are integral to providing well-researched reports. We subscribe to several sources for our market research, including news sources, company and industry databases and market report segments. We subscribe to the following services:

  • Dow Jones/Factiva
  • HighBeamBusiness
  • Hoovers (a D&B company)
  • IBISWorld
  • Lexis-Nexis
  • Plunkett
  • Profound (of MarketResearch.com)
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Going Further than the Business Plan

Once you've written your plan and have secured investors, there's still more research to be done. In addition to continual research on your industry, competitors, and customers, Traffic Digital can help with:

  • Client Prospecting: Creating a list of qualified leads and potential prospects for your business can be a daunting task when you're just getting started. However, it is a crucial part of building a solid business and must be considered following your Target Market Analysis.

  • Website Research: In order to develop a company website that people will come back to, time and time again, you often need to provide your readers with information and resources which are useful and relevant to them. This information should be carefully selected and curated, it should be authoritative, and should be updated regularly. We can identify useful and robust online resources that speak to your target markets.

  • Grants & Funding Research: Technology companies today seek funding from many different sources. We can search for government grants, as well as help identify other potential sources of funding and investment.

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Choose Traffic Digital for the Best in Competitive Research

We help businesses of all sizes and kinds secure a competitive advantage by assessing the market and measuring the competition against key criteria. If you already have access to business intelligence data, call on us to create visual dashboards to convey that important information in a clear-cut and intelligible way.

Contact Traffic Digital to receive top of the line competitive business intelligence services in the UAE.



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