Has a website ever left you disappointed?

In many cases a company's website is the first way—and sometimes the only way—customers find them. Whether we like it or not, people often associate the look, feel, and overall quality of a website with credibility. Having a website that contains a lot of bugs and flaws does not reflect well on your brand. That's why you should hire Traffic Digital. Traffic Digital removes any chance that your website will make a bad impression on your visitors. We have a team of website testing experts who will thoroughly test your desktop, mobile or responsive sites.

• We verify full performance
• We evaluate site compatibility using all supported browsers and operating systems
• We perform comprehensive eCommerce functionality testing

Traffic Digital has five separate testing labs, complete with all browsers, browser versions, and all of the operating systems required for testing your site and uncovering any hidden bugs. Our functionality testing team has years of combined experience in ensuring that websites function as they're designed to—from complex data manipulation, to simple link verifications. We're all about a smooth user experience.

Traffic Digital understands that each company has a budget to work with and we're able to offer reasonable rates. We've put great effort into setting up our labs intuitively and streamlining our testing methods so we can achieve all website quality assurance objectives in less time than many expect—and thereby testing within budget.

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Why do you need Website Testing?

Website testing helps find, document and resolve issues that compromise the user experience.

How does Website Testing work?

Depending on a customer's requirements, our process begins when the Traffic Digital QA team tests the website for functional compliance and/or compatibility compliance, using various supported platforms. We exercise the site’s functionality and compare it to documented specifications and also to the typical behaviors that an average user would expect. Functional compliance testing can be achieved with the use of well-written test scripts and/or ad hoc testing coverage.

We also take care of compatibility tests. We identify components in the hardware, software or browser which the product is designed to support. We then design a matrix which shows the configurations which we'll test the product on. From there, with client input, we write a testing script which can evaluate the compatibility between the product and the hardware/software/browser matrix. Finally, the script is executed against the matrix, and we look for any anomalies and quickly determine exactly where any incompatibilities are.

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Traffic Digital creates web site test plans and processes and performs testing services. We employ a standardized website test methodology focused on the following areas:

  • Website Functional Testing

    Includes site navigation, external links, images, forms submission, streaming content, Ajax functionality, state maintenance, exception handling, search functionality, e-commerce transactions, and web page printing

  • Website Usability Testing

    Includes responsiveness, ease of use, cache behavior, configurability, and localization

  • Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

    Performed on different browsers, operating systems, and mobile platforms, testing various screen sizes and runtime modules, such as Flash

  • Competitive Assessment

    Side-by-side comparisons with your competition's web sites

  • Website Test Automation

    Automated smoke test development for regression testing

  • Website Load Testing

    Test website load time and performance using typical user interaction scenarios

  • Mobile web clients in an on-line financial transactional environment

    Using multiple devices on live accounts, we access your mobile commerce site and perform tests which verify that all transactions are carried out successfully. We can run end-to-end testing on your client application and run automated tests for the best return on your testing investment

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Traffic Digital provides full-service QA and testing. Our process includes the development of formal test specifications, complete documentation for each test scenario, test execution, failure documentation, and regression testing as required.

Traffic Digital quality assurance is your best bet for releasing an amazing website. Call on us and go live with the confidence that your site will be bug-free. In turn, you'll make many smooth transactions and have a lot of happy customers!

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