Omni-Channel Design For A Unique E-Commerce Experience

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If you have problems keeping up with evolving e-commerce customer and client demands and find it difficult to achieve the margins from your direct-to-consumer (D2C) channels, you need to understand one thing. At the core of your problems may be Omni-Channel and with the experience and expertise Traffic Digital has to offer, you can clearly define and implement Omni-Channel solutions.

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Online Consumer Behavior Changes

In the last decade the way consumers search, interact, and shop online has changed dramatically. Ten years ago the whole internet was slower; AOL was relevant, and consumers had no high expectations of online shopping. As technology advanced, the internet connection got a lot faster and more accessible to users around the world. All the changes generated a new customer behavior which made us challenge the way a business must plan, design and execute a complete shopping experience in the digital world.

In our modern society, Omni-Channel consumers require complex digital products and experiences that allow them to research the products however and whenever they want, shop and have them delivered when, where and how they want.

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The Omni-Channel Customer Service Experience

It is now expected from you to offer assistance from your organization in using a channel customers choose, whether it might be email, SMS/text, voice, website, social media or mobile. Most companies today are starting to provide services on all the channels available. But if the message is not sent at the right moment and in the right way, it will have no impact. This multi-channel service is much improved with an Omni-channel solution that integrates more channels to provide a clear and consistent customer experience.

Customers are one click away from information and price sensitivity can lead to uncertainty about their loyalty. That is why it is critical to offer a differentiated brand experience to keep an edge in a competitive market. Retailers struggle to provide a smooth brand experience given the advancements in digital devices. Businesses are hindered by contrasting systems and processes that lead to a lack of business flexibility. All factors need to be watched out for because they contribute to customer dissatisfaction and will reduce profitability.

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Traffic Digital Organization and Business Omni-Channel Solutions

  • Unified Customer View

    Build a universal customer profile and analysis by aggregating data across touchpoints, channels, and existing data sources.

  • Omni-Channel Retailing

    Manages sales, services, and marketing activities consistently across all channels for a complete shopping experience.

  • Personalization

    Enables customer detection and recall, creating a personalized selling and tailored communication that will maintain and increase customer loyalty.

  • Contextual Intelligence

    Offers real-time data to employees (call-center and/or in-store) to improve the buying experience by maintaining engagement context.

  • Digital Commerce

    Increases retailing capacity across digital channels (including mobile, social, web and email) to meet and, if possible, exceed the expectations of digital natives.

  • CRM Big Data Analytic

    Offers the opportunity to engage customers by revealing behavior insights, purchase patterns and shopping preferences from unstructured data left by customers across touchpoints.

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The Benefits of Omni-Channel

The Omni-Channel solutions developed by Traffic Digital reimagine, redesign and rethink the way people, technology, and processes work together to deliver strategic businesses outcome in an enterprise.

  • Build an advantage against competitors. Be different from what is out there and retain competitive edge with a targeted engagement.
  • Diminish customer churn by providing your customers with a relevant retail experience
  • Increase advocacy. By creating meaningful and memorable experiences, you promote customer advocacy and will boost new customer acquisition
  • Improve productivity. Employment satisfaction and productivity are increased by optimizing the processes and facilitating analytical support for real-time customer interactions.
  • Maximize business flexibility. Identify negative trends and quickly scale consumer engagement models
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Omni-Channel Customer Self-Service

Traffic Digital is a leader in providing solutions for mobile client self-service. Our broad expertise in customer experience enables us to integrate self-service solutions with the needed call-centers that will allow your company to seamlessly close the gap between live agents and self-service. Contact us and become proficient and digital.



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