As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in the Middle East, we want to improve the way the world works. That is why, even though we are located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, we offer our services to everybody who has decided to enhance their company image and succeed with the help of the digital world.

Organisations are always in search for new ways of delivering solutions and increasing the customer satisfaction. Today, the answer can be found in IT service design, and although many have embraced this change, there are still some companies that haven’t unlocked the tremendous business potential associated with IT service design.

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Have you heard of service design?

In the last decade, the way consumers shop online and interact has shifted drastically. These customer behavior changes are the result of the advancements in technology. That is why, if you want to survive in this digital world you must adapt, make a plan, design and offer a complete shopping experience.

Service design is the action of organising and planning people, communication, infrastructure and material components to improve the quality of interaction between customer and service provider. The purpose of such service is to design, according to precise customer and participant needs, a service that is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to clients.

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Service Design Solutions

At Traffic Digital, service design is a natural element and has elevated the process of brainstorming and developing to strategic levels. We can develop better, more user-friendly and engaging solutions which will make your ideas come true. Our solutions are better, faster and come at a lower cost.

The core of all solutions is the user experience. Traffic Digital experts in interaction and service design, concept development, information architecture, and visual communication work together to create the perfect user experience adopting a user-centered approach. We base our work on interaction principles, the current requirements for universal design, design theory, and a thorough analysis of audience and user needs.

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Our methodology consists of five crucial activity types:

  • Explore
  • Brainstorm
  • Focus
  • Create a prototype
  • Test
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Every workshop, study, observation and prototype developed until now has helped build a strong service design practice with clear process standards and efficient methods. An agile approach to the implementation ensures a fast transition from idea to prototype. As a result, your business will offer better and faster services to the market.

Lean Startup

As we have worked with service design, we have carried out throughout the past couple of years many development assignments in accordance with the Lean Startup principles. Lean Startup is a service design approach, which makes it possible for an idea to be carried out or respond very quickly to market demand.

In some projects, we have reduced the time to market with more than 75% compared the traditional development methodology. We form definite ideas, focus, measure, learn and test them before we formulate a solution. We have a firm understanding of the process of creating minimum viable products for further development.

Benefit from our service design approach and introduce better solutions at lower costs to the market. Contact Traffic Digital at +971 (0)4 454 2230 and learn more about how you can benefit from service design and improve your digital retail experience.

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