Create effortless user experiences with WordPress

WordPress is a powerful blogging and website content management system (CMS) and provides a versatile and excellent user experience. By choosing this platform to support your brand, you can tap into reduced costs of development and deployment. WordPress also lets you effectively manage SEO and curate content that increases traffic to your site.
Moreover, many Fortune 500 Companies have utilised this platform to support their businesses including eBay, General Motors, Reuters News, CNN and many other brands of all sizes and niches.

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WordPress provides you with custom solutions that not only enhance your brand interactions but also attract more customers and generate leads. As the leading WordPress development company in Dubai, Traffic Digital has the expertise and resources to turn your WordPress website into an asset.

WordPress lets you discover new ways to generate revenue streams

When you use a WordPress website to support business, you will discover many advantages:


WordPress design and development is extremely affordable. Its user-friendly design allows you to make changes and update the content of your website while saving the cost of hiring a designer.

SEO & Mobile Friendly

By developing SEO-friendly WordPress website, you can easily rank your services or products in the search engine and on mobile. WordPress is considered one of the best platforms when it comes to content marketing and blog posts. On top of that, various WordPress Plugins – such as Google Analytics - can be leveraged to generate higher traffic streams to your site.

Improved Security

WordPress Plug-in customization offers you several features to ensure the security of your site. Depending upon your requirements, you can use security plug-ins such as WordFence, Itheme, Sucuri, BulletProof and others to enhance security.

Easy-to-add Content

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows you to curate your content in the best possible way. Its user-interface lets you publish a post or schedule it for the next day.

Benefits of Wordpress web CMS

  • Scalable solution

    It is ideal for small and medium size businesses that don’t have a massive tech budget.

  • Easy to set up and use

    It has a simple interface and makes it easy for non-techies to organize and manage web content.

  • Simple interface

    It is exceptionally easy to use. If you can operate Microsoft Word, you can use WordPress.

  • Rapid deployments

    It is fast; every change made on the website is immediate and quick.

  • Solid text editor

    With Wordpress it is possible to upload content using a complete text editor – in fact WordPress has all the features of Word Processing software.

  • Highly customizable

    It is highly customizable and you can use it to do just about anything.

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